Project Engineer Building Engineering Facility / Utility (M/F)

Reference 2143 - Puurs - 9/10/2019

Project engineer building : Responsible for construction of clean rooms, floors, ceilings, sprinklers, steel and concrete constructions in an aseptic environment. 
Writing specifications, selection of contracting companies, follow up of construction and validation activities. 
Has basic knowledge of HVAC, not necessarily as a specialist. 
Can act as a sub team lead for a big project or as a project lead for a small project.
Has a strong awareness of safety in construction.

Experience within the pharma sector is a must

Personal Skills:
Fluent in Dutch, good communication skills, good organizational/scheduling skills, can lead a small team in a building/HVAC project environment or can lead a small building project as project leader.

Knowledge of languages:
Dutch and English.